Thank You

From The Primary Project team to you.

This project wouldn't be possible without the help of the students and faculty at Wethersfield High School, our friends, family, and the town.

Below, is a list of people and organizations for their contributions. Thank you for all of your support!

Interested in making a donation?

You can find info here:

Thank you!


Thank you to our donors!

  • Rachel Amoruso

  • Eimy Acevedo

  • Migdalia Martinez

  • Sean Zhan

  • Robles Family

  • Lazu Family

  • Ajla Ahmetovic

  • Carolyn Ikari & family

  • Michelle DiPaola

  • Chloe Knapp

  • Jennifer Lindsey

  • NurseHub

  • Kate Ayers​

  • Radiyah Mutasim

  • Monica Vivar

  • Amy Wasseluk

  • Erin Roman

  • Everyone who donated a penny or more!


Thank you to everyone who supported!

  • BlueEagle News

  • Brothers Sisters United at Wethersfield High School

  • Wethersfield High School Equity Team

  • South Congressional Church in Hartford

  • Woodside Massage

  • Joanne Ricardi Cookies


Thank you!

  • Doris Duggins

  • The CREC Open Choice students

  • Mr. Moore

  • Ms. Ikari for legal support

  • Renee for helping us print 

  • The Lazu family

  • The Giscombe family

  • The Robles family

  • The McAlister family

  • The Parker family

  • Everyone who purchased & spread the word